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12 to 14 May 2010
Lisbon, Portugal
Bill Scott
Bill Scott has always enjoyed technology (25 years). And he has always enjoyed interacting with people (even longer). It was a natural to blend the two loves together. For a long time he couldn't decide if he was a designer or an engineer. He finally gave up trying to classify himself and just decided to live in both worlds as much as possible.

This passion drove him to create one of the first successful Macintosh games, build wargaming interfaces for NATO, found and lead UX Design teams, write Ajax frameworks (OpenRico) manage user interface engineering organizations, publish design pattern libraries, and talk a lot about it.

Bill Scott


Designing with Patterns


In every field of design one of the first things students must do is learn from the work of others. They study and break down real-world examples in order to understand the underlying principles and patterns that make for successful design. Then they are able to apply these learnings to their own set of problems. Designing for web interfaces is no different. We are constantly searching for inspiration and practical guidance in solving the problems we face as designers each day. One approach to curating and applying solutions is through the idea of design patterns. Design patterns define a solution in the context of a real world problem.

In this workshop, Bill Scott will discuss the rationale behind patterns, present a number of excellent pattern libraries for your consideration (20+), and then dive deep into 100+ examples from around the web that illustrate good interaction techniques (design patterns) as well as the not so good (anti-patterns) all organized as a set of six design principles. The main idea of the workshop is to expose you to lots and lots of real world examples and discuss the nuances and best practices that can be distilled from the them. In addition there will be time for two group exercises -- both actual problems that are currently being worked on at Netflix.

Topics covered:


Wednesday, 12 May @ 15:00-18:30
180 minutes + 30 minute break @ 16:30-17:00
Auditorium III

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Designing with Lenses: Lessons from Other Design Crafts

In any field of design, designers can enhance their craft by studying the work of others. Through the careful exercise of breaking down real-world solutions into their underlying principles and patterns, previous lessons can be applied to new sets of problems we encounter. Designing for web interfaces is no different. By necessity we are constantly searching for inspiration and practical guidance in solving the problems we face as designers each day. A powerful approach is to capture these lessons into “design lenses”. A design lens allows you to view the user experience through the eyes of a single design principle. Lenses were originally created for game design but are just as powerful for user experience design.

In this talk, Bill will introduce the idea of design lenses and discuss several lenses inspired from fields of study as diverse as theater, magic, game design, storytelling, Shaker furniture, motion graphics, and comics for inspiration in designing rich, interactive interfaces. By teasing out some of the key takeaways from each of these disciplines, a fresh light can be shed on our own corner of the design universe.

Friday, 14 May @ 09:50-10:30
40 minutes
Auditorium I

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